One on one sessions can help you

  • start a yoga practice if you don’t feel comfortable going to group classes/the studio

  • improve technique and build confidence to start a regular yoga practice at home
  • integrate breath work and meditation into your practice more skillfully
  • give more in-depth answers to your questions than a group class

  • discover ways to better self-regulate in times of stress

They can also

  • give you more time and space to take in, digest and apply information
  • help build trust and facilitate playfulness
  • help you work on self-acceptance and improve resilience


For more information, keep on reading below. If you’re interested in working on a one on one basis or have any other questions regarding privates, don’t hesitate to write me an e-mail!

Privates picture Low lunge Backbend


You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather.

Pema Chödrön


1:1 60min



  • one session


  • ten sessions


1:1 60min ONLINE



  • one session


  • ten sessions


1:1 90min



  • one session


  • ten sessions


1:1 90min ONLINE



  • one session


  • ten sessions



In-person privates can take place in your home, office or any other location of your choice. Travel expenses within Vienna are included, any additional room rental fees are excluded. I’m happy to provide you with a yoga mat should you need one as well as props such as belts, yoga blocks, etc.


Online privates can take place over Zoom or Skype. What you need is a working internet connection, a microphone and a camera (these days every laptop is usually equipped with both), a yoga mat and enough space so that I can get a full-body view of you on camera. Don’t worry, we’ll take the time to set you up properly before we begin!


If you’re not sure which one is the better option for you, first consider how much time you can set aside. While I’m personally an avid supporter of 90-minute lessons (both as a student and teacher) as they simply allow more time to work together, this might not be a realistic time frame for you depending on how busy your schedule is.

Another factor to consider when making a decision is your overall health condition and sometimes even your age. For instance, if you are an older (65+) beginner, I would suggest starting with 60 minutes.


Privates on and offline can be held in English or German.