These terms and conditions apply to all services offered by Dany Christine (operated by Daniela Christine Plattner, Heigerleinstraße 60/4/416, 1160 Wien), specifically to open classes (defined as yoga practice without prior registration and published in form of a written schedule) and workshops (special classes, including special courses, e.g. beginner’s courses with prior registration). By purchasing a valid product that gives the customer (in following: student) the right to participate in any of the above mentioned services, the student accepts the following terms and conditions:


1.1 Purchase of a valid card or registration to a workshop or Beginners course enables students to use the facilities rented by Dany Christine during the course of the class/workshop, as well as, 15 minutes before and after practice. The student may use the facilities rented by Dany Christine for the purpose of getting changed and taking a (short) shower.

1.2 Generally, all services offered by Dany Christine are available to students. However, a legal right to any of these services does not exist. The number of class and workshop participants is limited. Some services may require specific personal conditions to be met by the student. If personal conditions are not met, Dany Christine has no obligation to render services to the student.

1.3 Participation in classes and workshops is only possible if students arrive at the studio on time. Due to organizational reasons and consideration of other participants, students arriving late will not be admitted once classes/workshops have started.

1.4 The student is required to behave in a non-disruptive manner as to not disturb classes/workshops, not break any objects found in the facilities rented by Dany Christine and not affect other participants negatively. During practice students are required to keep noise levels to a minimum. Smartphones, mobile Phones and other electronic devices are not permitted in the practice rooms. Out of consideration for other participants, students are required to adhere to the above stated rules. In case of severe violation of these rules and other directions given by Dany Christine, for example through threatening behavior, verbal and physical abuse, sexual predatory behavior, theft, and insufficient hygiene, the student might be prohibited from entering the premises rented by Dany Christine permanently, irrespective of any membership or pass they might hold. Dany Christine is not required to reimburse the students for purchased products in such an event. To avoid conflicts amongst participants and to ensure the smooth running of classes/workshops, Dany Christine further has the right to deny rendering of services without stating the reasons. In this case Dany Christine will reimburse students the aliquot part of their remaining membership or pass.



2.1 Passes

Students may choose from the following passes/cards/contracts:

  • Drop In: A “Drop In” pass gives access to a single yoga practice or workshop. The usage of studio mats is included at no extra cost.
  • 5 Class Pass: Allows for participation in five open classes from the timetable.
  • 10 Class Pass: Allows for participation in ten open classes from the timetable.

If students are not making use of the services offered by Dany Christine due to reasons that lie within their control and do not warrant an extraordinary termination of the contract, students are not entitled for reduction of payment or reimbursement.

No extensions or refunds are given for passes. Passes are non-transferable. The right of usage can only be transferred for the attendance of workshops, before commencement of such.

2.2 Prices and Payment

All prices displayed at www.danychristine.com are final. Full payment of passes is due at the time of purchase, which needs to be done before the commencement of classes/workshops. We currently accept PayPal, credit and debit card and bank transfers (e.g. when registering for a workshop) online through the booking system and cash payments in-person.

2.3 Limited number of participants/schedule changes

Dany Christine offers mostly open classes. This means that attendance of the classes displayed in the schedule does not require a prior registration, but may be denied if the maximum amount of participants for a class has been reached. To reserve a spot, students may register online up before class starts. The facilities rented by Dany Christine have a limited capacity and therefore participation in a class cannot be guaranteed, unless students reserve their spot prior through online registration and payment.

Short-term cancellation of classes due to unexpected and special reasons do not result in a price discount or a cancellation of contracts, provided the schedule of Dany Christine is otherwise adhered to and students have the option to take other open classes instead. This also applies to other schedule changes made with reasonable consideration by Dany Christine. During the summer months less classes may be offered due to the fewer amount of students practicing.

2.4 Cancellations of workshops

Workshops and seminars are to be paid per bank transfer or with credit card before commencement of such. In case of cancellation due to medical reasons students need to show a medical certificate. The already paid fee can then be used for another workshop/seminar/course or will be reimbursed.

Cancellation of workshops: cancellation until a week prior results in the payment of 50% of workshop/seminar fees; cancellation until two days prior results in the payment of 100% of workshop/seminar fees.

2.5 Workshops

All Workshops are held with a minimum of 3 participants. In case workshops are cancelled because of less registrations than 3, workshop fees are either reimbursed or can be used by students for future workshops.

If workshops need to be cancelled by Dany Christine for any other reasons, workshop fees are also reimbursed or can be used by students for future workshops.



Students are made aware that Dany Christine is not liable for the loss of clothing items, valuables, and other personal belongings. Students use services offered by Dany Christine at their own risk. Dany Christine is not liable for accidents and any resulting injuries. Dany Christine is further not liable for injuries resulting from improper execution of exercises and asanas. Please refer to point 6) of these terms and conditions. Dany Christine’s liability for damages to personal property or material objects is limited to cases of intentional damage or severe neglect.



Through purchase of a pass the students declare that they are physically healthy and psychologically stable, and they can meet the physical and mental requirement and will only in this state participate in classes or workshops. Participation in classes or workshops under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.

The services offered by Dany Christine are not a therapeutically treatment and do not substitute medical treatments under the supervision of a professional or prescription medication. Dany Christine has the right to deny students access to classes and workshops if they have good reason to assume that the physical and/or mental condition of a student may inhibit their ability to participate in the practice.

Students declare that they are free from infectious diseases and that they have no medical condition that might prevent them from undertaking Yoga exercises.



Students agree to have their data saved and stored in the electronic database of Dany Christine for the duration of 3 years after their last booking. All data is treated confidentially in accordance with the applicable legislation on data protection.



Austrian substantive law applies with the exception of relevant provisions.

Unless the KschG can be applied to the contractual relationship, any dispute between Dany Christine and the student is exclusively tied to the place of jurisdiction of the court responsible for Vienna.



There are no collateral agreements to these terms and conditions. Changes to these terms on conditions require a written change. If individual clauses of these terms and conditions change or become invalid, other clauses are not affected and remain valid. The clause that becomes invalid is to be replaced by one similar in economic interest and reasoning. The requirement for a written form is fulfilled by communication via email. In cases where email addresses are known, all communication between the contractual parties may take place via email.