Thank you for being here. If you have come here because you’re curious about moving and breathing a little more intentionally, you are in the right place. I teach yoga to private clients and in small group classes.

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We are back in the studio at last!

There’s room for up to 8 students, plenty of space and windows and cool temperatures (no AC or fan needed) to escape the heat in the city.

Plus there is a new class called Yoga for the Posterior Chain and it’s all about strengthening and moving the muscles on the back of your body. It’s especially good for you if you have been sitting a lot and/or are dealing with neck/shoulder/back issues such as stiffness or pain, so come join and move together!


Tuesday, 6.15 PM. Yoga Foundations (DE) – IN-PERSON

Thursday, 6.15 PM. Yoga for the Posterior Chain (DE) – IN-PERSON

Thursday, 7.45 PM. Moon Flow (DE) – IN-PERSON