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The most important thing is to show up.

A pose is not just a pose but presents you with the opportunity to experience and discover. This is what I have learned in my own practice and what I invite students to examine when coming to my classes.

Exploring different styles of Yoga as well as breath work and meditation since 2017, I teach an alignment-based mix of Hatha and Vinyasa Flow inspired by my teachers’ teachings and my own experiences on (and off) the mat.

Some of my wonderful teachers include but aren’t limited to Joey Robinson, Susan Marrufo and James French. Thank you for always holding space for me, for teaching me how to sit (a little less uncomfortably) in and with the in-between and for seeing my strength when I myself couldn’t.

The mind is like a parachute. It works best when it is open.



In my classes I encourage students to pay attention to what is inside by offering them tools to listen to themselves and their bodies.

By taking the time to build a pose starting from the foundation up, we not only build a pose and learn alignment, we also get the chance to meet ourselves on the way up. When we flow, we not only learn how to move our bodies and improve physical balance, we also create a connection between breath and movement and get the chance to explore different ways to navigate through life.

When we find resistance and tension within our bodies, within ourselves, what do we do with it? What can we do with it? And if we bend, how can we bend in ways that are useful, safe and empowering? In what ways can we skillfully integrate what we discover on the mat into our life off the mat? These are just some of the questions I like to explore together with students in public as well as private classes.

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